Shelter Craft Collective facilitates packaging and distribution agreement between Agro-Greens and Organnicraft

Vernon-based Micro-Cultivator Organnicraft excited to bring new genetics to legal market.

VICTORIA, BC — July 20, 2020 — Shelter Craft Collective, a division of  1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is pleased to announce an agreement between Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (“Agro-Greens”) and Organnicraft (Organnicraft Production Incorporated).

Organnicraft is a  micro-cultivator based in Vernon, British Columbia, with a long background growing under the MMAR (earlier medical cannabis regulations).

Having successfully made the transition to licensing under the Cannabis Act, they are bringing new genetics with them. Agro-Greens will process dried flower and pre-roll formats of three of these cultivars: Kootney Purple (God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk), Apple Gelato (Sour Apple IBL x Gelato 33) and Big Block (Motor Breath x Purple Punch).

“At Organnicraft we take a more traditional approach to cultivation. Our small batch rooms and high end genetics create the quality of flower that defines the craft market,” said Josh Udala, Organnicraft’s CEO. “Our team is a group of hand picked, grass root individuals with a true passion for cannabis. Our goal is not only to provide the highest quality craft product to Canadian consumers, but also to position ourselves as a company and show how important of a role craft producers play in today’s market.”

Organnicraft specializes in heritage California and B.C. cultivars, and hand-trims all their cannabis. “Josh and his team epitomize the reason we started this division of Shelter,” said Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead for Shelter Craft Collective. “This is a perfect example of traditional pre-Cannabis Act growers transitioning into the legal market, bringing with them the fire of the underground. This team isn’t active on Instagram or Twitter, they aren’t part of the Zeitgeist of the “new” industry.  They are, in essence, true old-school British Columbia cannabis growers, and we couldn’t be more excited to represent their flower.”

Consumers can expect to see these products in stores sometime in the fall.

About Shelter

Shelter is a Canadian quality and innovation leader in processing, packaging and branding of cannabis products. Shelter Brands is a consumer-focused brand and packaging development company offering quality cannabis pre-rolls and vape pens under brand names such as Wildlife, Journey, and Farmstead.

About Shelter Craft Collective

As current and former cultivators, the Craft Collective team understands the difficulties smaller cultivators face in bringing their legal cannabis to market. Shelter Craft Collective provides customizable supply chain services to smaller cannabis cultivators, ranging from brand development to Quality Assurance, and everything in between. Shelter Craft Collective offers small farmers short- and long-term agreements with fixed and variable pricing options, as well as white label opportunities. Visit their website at:

About Organnicraft 

Organnicraft is a cannabis micro-cultivator focused on lineage derived from old-school California and B.C. genetics. Based in Vernon, BC, this small and highly focused team does all of their plant propagation in-house, and handtrims their cannabis.

For further information, please contact:

Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead