North 40 and Agro-Greens renew supply agreement

Shelter Craft Collective facilitates renewal of deal that brings Saskatchewan farmer to market.

VICTORIA, BC — August 11, 2020 — Shelter Craft Collective, a division of  1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is proud to announce that Agro-Greens and North 40 Cannabis (North 40) have renewed their partnership agreement.

North 40 is Canada’s first licensed micro-cultivator and processor. Based in Saskatchewan, the small family run operation has quickly made a name for itself in the legal cannabis space, with superb attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to transparency.

Working with Agro-Greens, also a family-run licensed producer in Saskatchewan, and Victoria, BC-based Shelter Craft Collective, North 40 product has been available under the Farmstead Brand.

“We are very pleased to have renewed the contract on our relationship with Shelter and Agro-Greens,” said Gord Nichol, President of North 40. “They have been instrumental in our ability to deliver our cannabis products to the recreational marketplace, and have provided us with a platform to reach our medical consumers with Shelter Market. We’re grateful for the help they have given us in the past and we look forward to our continued mutual success.”

The renewed agreement extends the terms of their previous agreement for another year. “We are thrilled to share a partnership with Gord and the North 40 team,” said Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead for Shelter Craft Collective. “Gord’s openness, transparency and patient-forward focus are directly in-line with Shelter’s core values.  Whether he is sharing pictures online of pulling rosin like taffy or catching pike on his days off, Gord generously shares his journey with the cannabis community and we couldn’t be more excited to share this ride.“

In addition to the Green Cush and Blue Cheese currently available, new cultivars expected in the fall include Zookies, OG Kush, and Bubba Kush.

About Shelter Craft Collective

As current and former cultivators, the Craft Collective team understands the difficulties smaller cultivators face in bringing their legal cannabis to market. Shelter Craft Collective provides customizable supply chain services to smaller cannabis cultivators, ranging from brand development to Quality Assurance, and everything in between. Shelter Craft Collective offers small farmers short- and long-term agreements with fixed and variable pricing options, as well as white label opportunities. Visit their website at:

About Agro-Greens

Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. is family-run Health Canada licensed producer based in Macklin, Saskatchewan. It utilizes state-of-the-art growing and cultivation technology to produce cannabis for those seeking a natural and holistic alternative for their health concerns.

About North 40

North 40 Cannabis is a family owned and run cannabis business located in North Eastern Saskatchewan. We are focused on growing high end cannabis products to discerning consumers.

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Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead