Shelter Craft Collective Products now available in Alberta

Habitat’s Cake and North 40’s Colada (Under the Brand Name Farmstead) Listed for Sale on and will be Available in Over 500 Retail Locations.

VICTORIA, BC — August 27, 2020 — Shelter Craft Collective, a division of 1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is pleased to announce a purchase order between Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (“Agro-Greens”) and Alberta Gaming, Liquor, Cannabis (AGLC).

Shelter Craft Collective works with both Agro-Greens and Micro-cultivators to bring craft cannabis to Canadian consumers. North 40, a micro-cultivator based in Saskatchewan will be bringing their Colada cultivar to Alberta consumers under the Farmstead brand. Colada is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Banana OG crossed with Do-Si-Dos and Papaya. It will be available in Alberta in 0.3g pre-roll formats (3- and 14-packs), and in a 3.5g dried flower format.

Habitat is a micro-cultivator based in Chase, BC, and is unique for its sustainable aquaculture methods that see them raise cannabis alongside Coho Salmon. It’s Cake cultivar is a cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mandarin Sunset, and derives its name as an homage to Habitat’s founder and genetics specialist, Laine Keyes, who contributed over 180 diverse strains to Habitat, and described this particular cultivars’ profile at harvest as “caked”. Alberta consumers will be able to purchase this cultivar in a 3.5g dried flower format, and in a 4 pack of 0.5g pre-rolls. “We are extremely excited to offer Habitat products to consumers in Alberta,” said Kayla Mann, Chief Financial Officer for Habitat. “As our fourth jurisdiction through Shelter, it is an integral milestone in our goal of supplying quality, organic cannabis across the country.” 

Kyp Rowe, Shelter Craft Collective’s Business Development Lead said “It has taken us a while, but the heavy lifting is over, true small-batch Craft cannabis has come to Alberta. Our first two offerings to our western neighbours come from our first two cultivation partners. I expect North 40’s and Habitat’s gear to sell out quickly!”

About Shelter Craft Collective

As current and former cultivators, the Craft Collective team understands the difficulties smaller cultivators face in bringing their legal cannabis market. Shelter Craft Collective provides customizable supply chain services to smaller cannabis cultivators, ranging from brand development to Quality Assurance, and everything in between. Shelter Craft Collective offers small farmers short- and long-term agreements with fixed and variable pricing options, as well as the opportunity to bring their products to market under their own name, or through its own brand Farmstead. Visit their website at: 

About Agro-Greens

Located in the Canadian heartland, Agro-Greens Natural Health Products Ltd is proud to continue a long line dedicated to the prairie tradition of agricultural excellence. Agro-Greens is a family-run company dedicated to providing therapeutic wholesale cannabis products that are natural, consistent, and effective. Agro-Greens also supplies to medical patients through Shelter Market, for those seeking a natural and holistic alternative for their health concerns.

About Habitat

Habitat is a cannabis micro-cultivator focused on regenerative agriculture and sustainable protein. Habitat operates out of a first-of-its-kind aquaponics facility in Chase, B.C. growing organic cannabis and coho salmon. Habitat is a company that is equally committed to better cannabis and a better world. Habitat grows craft, sustainable cannabis with industry-leading cannabinoid content. In essence, Habitat’s mission is simple; cultivate cannabis that is high quality, great for the planet, and economically viable. 

 About North 40

North 40 Cannabis is a family owned and run cannabis business located in North Eastern Saskatchewan. They are focused on growing high end cannabis products for discerning consumers. 

For further information, please contact:

Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead