Gnomestar Craft Cannabis welcomed to Shelter Craft Collective

Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals Inc signs with Agro-Greens for Packaging, Processing and Sale

VICTORIA, BC — September 29, 2020 — Shelter Craft Collective, a division of 1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is pleased to announce a packaging, processing, and distribution agreement between Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (“Agro-Greens”) and Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals under its Gnomestar premium craft cannabis brand.

Vodis was founded in 2014. Their Delta, BC facility is specifically designed for small batch production of premium craft cannabis. Vodis’s master grower Mr. Picken has been growing craft cannabis for over 25 years and has been with the company since inception.

“We’re very thrilled to add a Gnome to our garden of craft growers,” said Kyp Rowe, Director of Cannabis Procurement for Shelter.

The team is laser-focused on providing the best product possible. They avoid the use of chemical pesticides by sprinkling predatory bugs by hand throughout the crop. They carefully monitor the temperature and humidity throughout the canopy ensuring the plants are always happy and healthy, and they hand-trim every bud.

Vodis is very pleased with the agreement, which gives us distribution to Shelters extensive network of provincial buyers and retailers. Allowing us to focus in our area of expertise – producing the best quality craft cannabis. “Working with Shelter means we can bring our own brand to market” said Mark Lotz CEO. “We recognize and value Shelters contributions to the needs of Canadian medical patients.”

The initial offerings to be made available from Gnomestar are Red Congolese, and Comatose Kush.


About Shelter Craft Collective

As current and former cultivators, the Craft Collective team understands the difficulties smaller cultivators face in bringing their legal cannabis market. Shelter Craft Collective provides customizable supply chain services to smaller cannabis cultivators, ranging from brand development to Quality Assurance, and everything in between. Shelter Craft Collective offers small farmers short- and long-term agreements with fixed and variable pricing options, as well as the opportunity to bring their products to market under their own name, or through its own brand Farmstead. Visit their website at: 

About Gnomestar

Gnomestar is a brand of Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vodis Pharmaceuticals (CSE:VP), located in Delta B.C. whose facility is specifically designed for small batch cannabis production. The growing team evolved from the early stages of the MMAR to now being a federally licensed cannabis producer processor under the Canadian Cannabis Act. Our mandate is to provide the best cannabis experience to our customers through rigorous quality control measures and a team that has decades of experience in cannabis.

About Agro-Greens

Located in the Canadian heartland, Agro-Greens Natural Health Products Ltd is proud to continue a long line dedicated to the prairie tradition of agricultural excellence. Agro-Greens is a family-run company dedicated to providing therapeutic wholesale cannabis products that are natural, consistent, and effective. Agro-Greens also supplies medical patients through Shelter Market for those seeking a natural and holistic alternative for their health concerns. 

For further information, please contact:

Kyp Rowe, Director of Cannabis Procurement