BC-based Habitat taps Shelter to process, package and distribute Canada’s first sustainable, aquaponic craft cannabis


VICTORIA, BC — March 5, 2020 — Shelter Craft Collective, a division of  1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is pleased to announce an agreement between Agro-Greens Natural Products Ltd. (“Agro-Greens”) and Habitat Craft Cannabis Ltd. (“Habitat”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deepwater Agriculture Corporation (dba Habitat Life Sciences).


Habitat, a sustainable craft cultivator based in British Columbia, uses aquaponics to grow cannabis without soil. Their proprietary closed-loop water management system brings together fish farming and plant cultivation to produce cannabis rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.


“Tucked away up in the Shuswap, Habitat and their coho salmon are producing some of the finest cannabis BC has to offer,” said Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead for Shelter Craft Collective. “Habitat is the epitome of craft cannabis: closed-loop, certified organic aquaponics could be the future for sustainable cannabis production in Canada. We’re proud Habitat is the first cultivator under Shelter’s Craft Collective banner.”


Over the 12-month term of the agreement, Agro-Greens will purchase between 250-550 kg of cannabis flower and trimmings from two Habitat cultivars. These cultivars, a Do-Si-Dos/Mandarin Sunset cross, and an OGKB/Lost Sailor cross will be sold as “Cake”, and “Caviar,” respectively. Habitat will retain all rights to their brand and IP, and Shelter will process, package and distribute the products. Both Cake and Caviar will be brought to market under Habitat’s brand as dried cannabis flower and as pre-rolls. 


“We are very excited to work with the teams at Shelter and Agro-Greens to commercialize our product and represent our brand, “says Rudi Schiebel, CEO of Habitat. “We look forward to bringing Habitat’s unique, certified organic harvest to Canadians through their established distribution network.”

Consumers can expect to see these products in stores sometime in April.


About Shelter

Shelter is a Canadian quality and innovation leader in processing, packaging and branding of cannabis products. Shelter Brands is a consumer-focused brand and packaging development company offering quality cannabis pre-rolls and vape pens under brand names such as Wildlife, Journey, Botany and Wayfarer. 


About Shelter Craft Collective

As current and former cultivators, the Craft Collective team understands the difficulties smaller cultivators face in bringing their legal cannabis to market. Shelter Craft Collective provides customizable supply chain services to smaller cannabis cultivators, ranging from brand development to Quality Assurance, and everything in between. Shelter Craft Collective offers small farmers short- and long-term agreements with fixed and variable pricing options, as well as white-label opportunities. Visit their website at:


About Habitat

Habitat is a cannabis micro-cultivator focused on regenerative agriculture and sustainable protein. Habitat operates out of a first-of-its-kind aquaponics facility in Chase, B.C. growing organic cannabis and coho salmon. Habitat is a company that is equally committed to better cannabis and a better world. Habitat grows craft, sustainable cannabis with industry-leading cannabinoid content. In essence, Habitat’s mission is simple; cultivate cannabis that is high quality, great for the planet, and economically viable.


For further information, please contact:

Kyp Rowe, Business Development Lead