Victoria, BC – June 1, 2020


In 1865, slavery was abolished in the United States.


In 1954, segregation was legally abolished.


In the 1960’s, we saw a generation focused on civil rights and equality, yet half a century after the Summer of Love, neighbourhoods have been bombed, people are still being killed for standing up, they are being killed for lying down, they are being killed for speaking out, and they are being killed for staying silent.


We are a Canadian cannabis company, who the hell are we to be speaking to this? We do not live this reality everyday, we have not had it imprinted in our bones and our DNA. We recognize that it is NOT our place to speak to these experiences, but it is our place to ensure we are not complicit, nor complacent.


Many of us broke cannabis laws for many years. From our place of privilege, we broke cannabis laws that unfairly targeted minorities and the vulnerable. We believe cannabis prohibition was just one tool used to rain down injustices on these communities, and we see systemic practices in our institutions, and in our legalization of cannabis that continue these injustices.


We continue to see unequal enforcement against individuals, patients, and minorities, while many who funded and enforced prohibition now benefit from legalization. We see Bay Street-funded Corporations break the rules, and get away with it. Meanwhile, our governments refuse to even allow First Nations to decide for themselves how their own communities use a simple plant.


We like to think we are better in Canada, but better doesn’t mean good. Nor does it mean equality. Legalization was not the end of our fight.


We. Can. Do. Better.


If you are in position to help, please consider donating to George Floyd’s family here:

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund 


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