At Shelter, we develop people-centric brands while identifying holes in the cannabis consumer market. Cannabis, to us, has always been about community, conversation and the connection between loved ones, complete strangers or with the self to the cosmos.

Botany celebrates the modern woman who has a deep connection to anything that flowers by exploring cannabis blended with floral notes.

For gentlemen with uncompromising tastes, Wayfarer delivers sleek design and an unflinching commitment to quality, to create the highest caliber experience.

When family means everything, blood or chosen. Orka celebrates the power of the pack. The ferocity of the pod. And the loyalty that binds them together.


Citizen is for those who like the hustle. The ones out, day and night, soaking up the city. The ones that always know what’s up — especially when it comes to their cannabis.


Wallflower is built off happiness and the belief that cannabis can enhance a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We provide a fresh look at consistent quality & trustworthy cannabis products. Smile, it makes the world better.


Whether it’s the first ascent or a path well-traveled, the Journey is defined by the experience, not the destination. Journey is for the adventurous who seek a new exploration.


When ‘low and slow’ isn’t detailed enough, Baseline is there to guide you into the world of cannabis, nice and easy. With low dosages and lots of education, Baseline helps you explore at your own pace.


Hermanos is a brotherhood built off sharing. Sharing laughs, sharing stories, sharing adventures and sharing cannabis. Whether you need a quick joint on the go or you got time to kill, Hermanos offers pre-rolls and bags to roll your own. Be kind to your brothers and share.


It’s all in the name. Newbies is gentle intro into the colourful world of cannabis. With low dosage edibles, Newbies holds your hand to help you find your groove.